Services that make life easier for the inhabitants of Rout Lëns

As for all of IKO’s projects, people are our number one priority. That’s why one of the cornerstones of the projects involves creating a wide range of different services to make live easier for inhabitants of all ages.

Rout Lëns’s services at a glance

One of the key benefits of the neighbourhood will be that it will offer a physical and online concierge service. This will provide a real hub where residents will enjoy the chance to run into each other. The concierge services offered will save its users precious time by freeing them from logistical restrictions. 

For example, you will be able to pick up your parcels, book a babysitter or hire a venue for a child’s birthday party. You can even pick up your packed lunches there! 50 metres from the school, near the co-working space and sports facilities, it is bound to become an invaluable resource for everyone who uses it! 

In Rout Lëns, all services are designed to fulfil our commitment to be a sustainable, innovative and forward-thinking neighbourhood. That’s why drop-off points (points d’apport volontaires or PAVs) equipped with sunken containers are planned to manage waste.

A short, not-exhaustive list of the services that will be available in the neighbourhood…

In Rout Lëns, you will find:

  • Soft mobility and public transport services

    • Cycle paths including a link to the national express cycle path (“Vëloespresswee”).
    • The possibility of a “Bicycle Hub” is currently being investigated. It will offer, for example, electric bike hire services, cargo bikes, etc. There are also plans for bike repair areas, bike parking and secure bike storage etc.
    • Bus stops including the BRT line (Bus Rapid Transit)
    • The Esch-Belval train station is a 5-minute walk away
    • A pedestrian walkway

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  • Local shops and businesses promoting short supply chains

    • For example, there could well be a market committed to short supply chains in the “Magasin TT”
    • Bars and restaurants will breathe life into the ground floors
    • The possibility of a micro-brewery is also being looked at in the “Magasin TT”

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  • Services for all generations

    • A school
    • Retirement homes
    • Student accommodation
  • Services that make day-to-day life easier

    • A concierge service
  • Environmental services

    • A recycling hub
    • The possibility of an “Urban Farming” area on the French part of the site is currently being looked into
    • Shared gardens
    • Green spaces
  • Cultural services

    • A multi-purpose function room will be available in the “Halle des Turbines”.
    • Among other things, the “Maison du Projet” in the Magasin TT will give visitors the chance to find out more about the neighbourhood’s industrial past.
  • Services dedicated to sport and exercise

    • For example, the “Halle des Soufflantes” will most likely be used as an urban sports centre.

Not far from Rout Lëns you will also be able to make the most of

  • all the shops and businesses in the centre of Esch-sur-Alzette
  • the new CHEM Hospital, which is due to open in 2026
  • the University of Luxembourg
  • the Rockhal concert hall in Esch and all of its events

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