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Rout Lëns is taking shape on different levels

The new neighbourhood in the south-west of Esch-sur-Alzette is intriguing and fascinating. The entire architectural project has been carefully thought out to create a harmonious atmosphere in which to live, however young or old you are. The design of a building project with different layers is a good illustration of this.

Rout Lëns welcomes everyone, regardless of your age, culture or social background. Everyone will be able to feel at home here. To create this harmony, the architects had to think carefully about the circle of life. Generations will be born, grow up, study, work and, perhaps, even choose to grow old here. This will be their neighbourhood. It will have to evolve with them.

The circle of life is also about nature, which is all around us. Green spaces, hanging gardens, promenades, water features… Rout Lëns will also live in step with the rhythm of the seasons of plants and animals.

Why build a neighbourhood on different levels?

The heights of the buildings vary, so the phrase “quartier stratifié” (literally, stratified or layered neighbourhood) was adopted, as a nod to strata, the geological layers of rock or soil. A beautiful metaphor that conjures up images of lives leaving their mark on the floors of the buildings they inhabit.

This type of construction blends architectural styles and gives the finished product a new energy.


Like totems marking the entrance to the site, 2 19-storey buildings create a skyline that looks out over the water, echoing the neighbourhood of Belval. Elsewhere, the neighbourhood’s buildings are generally between 3 and 5 storeys. A few 8-storey plant-covered “Émergences” add a bit of diversity as they “emerge” from the ground.

These taller buildings help to free up space on the ground to create fantastic public spaces with plenty of plant life, which can be used for different activities. They also offer the possibility of creating different locations and so different kinds of accommodation to suit everyone’s preferences.

So the ground-floor apartments have similar features to individual houses, with private entrances and gardens. The lower floors offer treetop living, immersing their inhabitants in nature. The higher levels offer spectacular views towards the stunning landscape, the water and Belval on one side and the natural spaces of the Ellergronn on the other.

A different atmosphere on each level

The ground floor

The way the ground floor is organised is hugely important in terms of adding value to the project. Indeed, this is what creates the first impression and defines how pedestrians perceive the space. It creates hustle and bustle, as well as convenience for users. Promenades, parks, shops, cultural spaces an urban forest: it will be a pleasure to stroll or cycle around the site.

The different uses of the ground floor include:

  • Shops and services
  • Private apartments with balconies and gardens
  • Various services and premises
  • The Halle buildings

It is here that the retirement homes, student accommodation, school, crèche and other services will contribute to inter-generational interaction. Quiet areas and more vibrant spaces will alternate so that everyone has somewhere where they feel comfortable.

Buildings with 1/2/3/4 storeys

This layer is essential in terms of how the neighbourhood is perceived. It is here that we find domestic comfort. It supports the landscaping project.

Imposing a limit of 5 storeys for the majority of the buildings also limits the impact of shade. This opens up the views to the immensity of the sky.

Thanks to the abundant greenery of the surrounding trees, the upper levels are really in the midst of nature. Balconies and loggias highlight the horizontal dynamics of the buildings.

Mid-rise buildings with 5/6/7 storeys

Mid-rise buildings punctuate the urban landscape with vertical

lines. The views are framed in such a way as to play with what can be seen from a particular point. These elements ensure the transition with the individual elements formed by the two tower block totems and the heritage buildings.

On these floors, the view becomes clearer, inhabitants move upwards, the noise from street-level fade away.

The totems

Like a constellation of vertical objects, the totems help create the structure of the neighbourhood. They stand as striking landmarks and can be seen from the neighbourhood’s public spaces, but also from further afield.

These elements are punctuation marks, standing out thanks to their remarkable architecture and unusual features. They are the cherry on the cake of the Rout Lëns project.

In this constellation of totems, we find:

  • The 2 tower blocks are 19 storeys tall and mark the entrance to the neighbourhood
  • The metal structures of the Halle and the Portique remind us of the site’s history

Rise above it all at every stage of your life

A metaphor for the circle of life, the Rout Lëns neighbourhood is taking shape on different levels. In time, different generations will come here to study, work, live, walk, rest or simply soak up the atmosphere.

These new facilities are resolutely forward-looking and will offer everyone the space they need to flourish.

From the hustle and bustle of ground level to the balconies in the clouds, each floor offers a different experience, each one with its own layers of stories to be written…

What about you? Which level can you see yourself in? 


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