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Rout Lëns a harmonious mix of public and private housing

IKO Real Estate is developing Rout Lëns with a view to achieving a balance and well-being for all the inhabitants of the future district. One of our fundamental objectives is to promote social and intergenerational diversity. We are creating a lively neighbourhood where everyone has a place!


In order to comply with the Luxembourg government’s sectoral housing plan, the city of Esch-sur-Alzette has just purchased almost 300 housing units. These are spread throughout Rout Lëns. With this acquisition, the town council ensures that 30% of the housing in the new district will be low-cost housing. This approach is perfectly in line with our actions on the project. This acquisition is fully in line with our philosophy.

Of course, IKO will continue to lead the work. In agreement with the public authorities, we are ensuring that the four pillars of our vision for the future are respected.

As a reminder, these pillars are

  • the urban structure designed around the Alley of Industrial Culture and its 5 historic buildings,
  • the built form in layers,
  • the place of nature with a vegetal feeling
  • Sustainability and innovation, particularly with regard to energy management.


A judicious distribution of housing of all types

The affordable housing is judiciously distributed throughout the site, thus promoting social diversity.

At the entrance to the district on the city side, at the level of the turbine building, there is a vibrant heart dedicated to education and culture. By acquiring the building intended for the Senior Residence as well as its neighbour, the Student Residence, the city of Esch is participating in the social and intergenerational vocation and dynamics of this area.

The other public residences blend in with the private ones without the average visitor being able to tell them apart. They include housing of all sizes, from studios to flats with 1 to 4 bedrooms. Some low-cost houses are also planned.

The housing acquired by the City of Esch fits perfectly into the whole and participates in the societal vocation of the district.


Well Community Certification for all

All the buildings we develop, regardless of who owns them, are built to the same high quality standards. This is guaranteed by the Well Community certification that applies to the entire project.

This Well certification ensures that the residences are designed, first and foremost, for the well-being of the occupants. Thus, air and water quality are rigorously monitored. The sources of natural light and, more broadly, physical comfort are studied. The interior layout of the dwellings promotes psychological well-being, with openings to nature.

Whether in terms of acoustic comfort, temperature comfort, luminosity or the use of space, everything is designed for the greater good of all. The senior residence will even be Well Building certified!

A plus for all residents

Rout Lëns aims to be an exemplary neighbourhood where it is good to live together. The harmonious integration of affordable housing contributes to a positive social mix.

Rout Lëns will be a neighbourhood where contrasts harmonise, where opposites complement each other. Thus, offices, housing and shops will be distributed among the spaces. Plants will enter the city from the parks, and will be planted on certain facades and even on the roofs. Historic industrial buildings are given a new lease of life. Meeting places alternate with living spaces that respect the privacy of each individual.

Buying homes, offices, premises or commercial spaces in a lively neighbourhood in a growing city is the best guarantee of a long-term property investment.

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