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IKO Real Estate, partner of Francofolies Esch/Alzette

IKO Real Estate, partner of the Francofolies Esch/Alzette, is importing pedicabs for exceptional sustainable mobility and launching its first residential project in Esch.


IKO Real Estate, partner of the Francofolies Esch/Alzette from June 8th to 11th, is delighted to announce the introduction of Turtle pedicabs to offer an unparalleled experience of sustainable mobility during the festival.

As part of this partnership, IKO, a developer and promoter of resilient neighborhoods, has imported the innovative three-wheeled Turtle pedicabs from Paris to provide environmentally friendly transportation services to festival-goers. These pedicabs are designed with spacious passenger compartments at the rear, offering comfort and safety throughout their journey. Made from recyclable materials, they exemplify IKO Real Estate’s commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation.

Turtle pedicabs are the perfect mobility solution for the Francofolies, providing festival-goers with an ecological and unique service. They allow pedestrians to enjoy a pleasant and low-carbon footprint mobility experience between the festival entrances and the festival grounds. By combining the efficiency of electric Tuk-Tuks with onboard music ambiance, festival-goers will have a one-of-a-kind and entertaining experience.

For IKO, this type of sustainable mobility solution is essential to enhance the development of car-free neighborhoods like Rout Lëns. Nathalie Tips, Senior Brand Manager at IKO Real Estate, states, “As a developer and promoter, we believe that solutions like Turtle pedicabs are the future of urban mobility. By introducing these innovative vehicles at the Francofolies, we demonstrate our commitment to sustainable mobility and encourage festival-goers to adopt environmentally friendly modes of transportation.”

IKO Real Estate, the Francofolies, and Turtle actively encourage festival-goers to choose these electric pedicabs to test and support a new sustainable mobility solution that could potentially be expanded in neighborhoods like Rout Lëns, contributing to the creation of resilient and friendly communities.

IKO is also committed to adhering to the “Green Event” charter of Franco-Durable, which aims to promote environmentally responsible events. By incorporating Turtle pedicabs into the Francofolies Esch/Alzette, IKO Real Estate demonstrates its commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

In addition to their participation in the Francofolies, Turtle is also preparing for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. The startup, supported by Paris je t’aime – Office de tourisme, already has a fleet of 15 vehicles and plans to increase its numbers to meet the growing demand associated with events and the arrival of warmer weather. With their on-demand chauffeur-driven bicycle service, Turtle will provide a sustainable mobility alternative to visitors and participants of the Olympic Games, thereby contributing to the reduction of urban congestion and CO2 emissions.

In conclusion, thanks to IKO Real Estate’s importation of Turtles, festival-goers at the Francofolies Esch/Alzette will have the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional experience of sustainable mobility, combining comfort, environmental friendliness, and uniqueness. IKO Real Estate further strengthens its commitment to sustainability and soft mobility while supporting cultural and artistic initiatives such as the Francofolies.

Commercial Launch of Liicht: A Flagship Residence in the Rout Lëns Neighborhood during the Francofolies Esch/Alzette

IKO Real Estate is proud to announce the commercial launch of Liicht, the first iconic residence in the Rout Lëns neighborhood in Esch-sur-Alzette, coinciding with the opening of the Francofolies festival. This luminous residence, comprising 47 units, showcases IKO’s commitment to sustainable living. As part of this launch, a dedicated space will be set up during the festival, featuring the colors and atmosphere of Rout Lëns, offering visitors an immersive experience into the essence of the neighborhood. This space will be a prime opportunity to discover Liicht, its unique features, and the benefits of residential living in the heart of a historic and ecological district. Festival-goers will have the opportunity to meet representatives from IKO Real Estate, gather detailed information about the project, and seize the chance to be among the first to reserve their future homes in this promising neighborhood. The commercial launch of Liicht during the Francofolies Esch/Alzette marks a crucial milestone in realizing the vision of Rout Lëns and provides festival-goers with an immersive experience combining music, festivities, and the discovery of an innovative real estate project.

Living in Esch-sur-Alzette, particularly in the Rout Lëns neighborhood, offers more than just a place of residence. It is a choice to settle in a dynamic and vibrant environment where culture is embedded in the streets and buildings. The Liicht residence, at the entrance of this iconic neighborhood, perfectly reflects this cultural vibrancy. By residing there, residents will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a creative atmosphere and enjoy the numerous cultural spaces nearby. Living in Esch-sur-Alzette, in the Rout Lëns neighborhood and specifically in Liicht, is choosing to be part of a place where culture is a constant source of inspiration and where daily life is imbued with unparalleled cultural dynamics.

About IKO Real Estate

IKO is pioneering NEXT PLACES, living spaces that anticipate new ways of living and working.

Guided by excellence, innovation, and the challenges of our society, IKO teams bring their creativity and energy to innovative projects that push the boundaries towards a more responsible real estate sector.

IKO’s vision is based on the search for new high-performing solutions with a positive impact, creating sustainable value for all.

About Turtle

Founded in 2022 by Robin Bourraindeloup and Aymard De Ravignan, Turtle is the first on-demand bicycle service with chauffeurs in Paris. It currently has 15 bicycles operated by 18 employed chauffeurs. Targeting Parisians for their daily commutes, Turtle also aims to attract tourists, especially during the 2024 Olympics, and has formed a strategic partnership with Paris je t’aime – Office de tourisme. In the B2B sector, advertisers can benefit from out-of-home visibility by choosing a responsible soft mobility service provider. Turtle also supports event organizers. Turtle aims to have a fleet of 100 bicycles by the time of the 2024 Olympics. The service is available from Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (expanded hours coming soon).

About the Francofolies

The Francofolies Esch/Alzette festival, the latest addition to the Francofolies family spread throughout the world, has ambitious goals.

Seeking to create an international image for the city and the country, the festival promotes Luxembourg’s multiculturalism and the transmission of the living heritage of Francophilia and Francophonie in the Grand Duchy.

The festival aims to be a pioneer in Luxembourg, combining modern contemporary music with a focus on environmental sustainability. From artistic programming to stage design and logistics, the Francofolies Esch/Alzette strives to align with the festival’s commitment, approached in a playful, experimental, and aesthetic manner.

This grand celebration will be the “green” thread of a new adventure in Esch-sur-Alzette!

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