Rout Lëns : The sustainable, innovative, resilient new neighbourhood in Esch-sur-Alzette
Rout Lëns : The sustainable, innovative, resilient new neighbourhood in Esch-sur-Alzette

Rout Lëns
The sustainable, innovative,
resilient new neighbourhood
in Esch-sur-Alzette

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Located in the south-west of Esch, between the town centre, the railway line and the French border, Luxembourg’s new neighbourhood is taking shape.

On a buildable area of about 163,226m², the conditions are perfect for a friendly, sociable place to live, with the ideal social and generational mix, and a welcoming community.

Proud of its rich industrial past, Rout Lëns transcends its history to become a sustainable, innovative and exemplary new place to live.

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  • 81%
    of the surface area dedicated to standard and affordable housing as well as student accommodation and a retirement home.
  • 8%
    will be taken up by community facilities, a school, public and other services.
  • 6%
    will be dedicated to shops and services.
  • 5%
    of the space will be set aside for offices and shared working spaces.

Rout Lëns is transforming an industrial powerhouse into an extraordinary urban living space, packed with modern, innovative features for future generations.

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Innovationand resilienceare the key words of the project

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They are based on 5 main themes

  • Saving resources thanks to innovative systems such as reusing grey water, geothermal energy, photovoltaic panels, home automation, educating people about consumption and energy management.

  • An urban farm project, including planted areas for the community and shops selling local produce.

  • A soft mobility hub offering shared mobility services and cycle paths combined with a Bus Rapid Transit line (BRT).

  • Responsible waste management, which includes a neighbourhood recycling centre, local composting and a repair café, as well as household waste management at voluntary drop-off points.

  • Third places in the heart of the historic buildings with a co-working space, a function room, leisure and sports areas, multi-purpose spaces and a neighbourhood concierge service.

an exemplary neighbourhooddriven by 5 strong values
  • The combination of housing, offices and the urban layout encourages sociological and intergenerational diversity. Open to innovation, Rout Lëns encourages new entrepreneurial initiatives just a few miles away from neighbouring countries.

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  • Both in terms of architecture and urban planning, everything is being done to make the neighbourhood sustainable.

    Reduced energy requirements, use of green energy, integration of nature and layered architecture are some of the innovative solutions being developed.

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  • Designed to work %sin harmony with the natural world around it%s, plants are welcomed into the urban environment, even covering some facades and roofs.

    A safe living space where cars are discreet and children can flourish without any hazards. To encourage harmonious intergenerational living, a school and a retirement home are planned for the site. The green spaces are designed to facilitate interaction.

    Ideally located in the extension of the centre of Esch-sur-Alzette and its many shops, Rout Lëns also benefits from the proximity of the hospital. Although the neighbourhood is mainly set aside for housing, the Allée de la Culture industrielle (Route of industrial culture) creates a real buzz around the remarkable buildings of the site’s rich industrial past. Each of these heritage buildings is dedicated to a particular function such as, for example, co-working, a micro-brewery, quirky accommodation and a multi-purpose function room. These are designed to be meeting places that foster a real neighbourhood spirit.

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  • Rout Lëns is derived from “lentille rouge” or “red lentil”. This term refers to the colour of the earth, which was turned bright red by the iron ore that made the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg’s steel industry so successful.

    Industrial activities were shut down 40 years ago, but the new neighbourhood remains proud of its history. Its modern architecture incorporates the majestic reminders of the Halle des Soufflantes, the Magasin TT, the Halle des Turbines, the Portique and the Poste d’Aiguillage.

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  • The beauty of Rout Lëns lies in the alchemy between its different elements. The ultra-modern is combined with the old, plants live alongside concrete, generations meet and mingle, Esch’s different neighbourhoods come together, means of transport cooperate with one another...

    On top of that, anyone who comes to the neighbourhood will be swept along by the energy that fills the whole site.

    You too can give in to the alchemy that brings us all together here...

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4 pillarsthat fly the flag for thesevalues

In practical terms, the values are etched into 4 founding urban and architectural pillars:
  1. The urban framework, structured around the Allée de la Culture industrielle
  2. The different layers of buildings
  3. The place of nature
  4. Innovation and sustainability at all levels
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Rout Lëns, building a bridge between town and nature, between people and cultures...