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The treasure hunt is on in Esch-sur-Alzette

Are you looking for something fun to do on your own, with your family or with friends? Explore Esch’s steel and iron heritage by taking part in a treasure hunt that everyone will enjoy!

For one year starting on 3 May 2022, this fun activity will be available in Esch-sur-Alzette. You need to find and play with the interactive works of art made of earthenware tiles that lead to the new Rout Lëns neighbourhood.

A fun way to find out a bit more about the site’s history, and its future!

Find Sophie with Rout Lupp

The game involves finding the red and white murals dotted around Esch on the way to Rout Lëns.


When you’ve found the first mural, use the QR code to open the Rout Lupp app. You can then have a look at the work of art under a red magnifying glass, using your Smartphone’s camera. The red murals represent the old Lentille “Terres-Rouges” site.


Let the magic do its work, and a piece of the new Rout Lëns neighbourhood will appear in green. The green represents the environmental aspect of the future neighbourhood.

Our heritage ambassador is hiding in this one. She’s called Sophie. Can you find her?

A competition* to win a unique tile and entry to a rather unusual event!

Thill July 8 2022, once you’ve found Sophie, you can try your luck at picking up some treasures. Nothing could be simpler.

All you need to do is:

  1. 1

    Take an original photo of the mural that you’re standing in front of.

  2. 2

    Post it on your Instagram account (publicly), tagging Rout.lens and mentioning #RoutLupp

  3. 3

    Follow the rout.lens Instagram account

The Rout Lupp game is definitely worth playing, because you could win a limited edition “Vermelejo” tile, plus entry to a surprise event!

Earthenware tiles called ”Azulejos”, renamed “Vermelejos” because of the red earth

The Azulejo technique has been chosen to create these urban murals as a nod to the Portuguese community in Esch. 

Originally from Portugal, Azulejos refer to murals made using ceramic tiles. These decorative works of art are usually blue - “azul” in Portuguese - on a white background. 

To represent Rout Lëns, the colour obviously had to be red - “vermelho” in Portuguese - in reference to the iron oxide that fills the land.

So we are urging you to find “Vermelejos” around the town.

10 murals to form the whole picture

At the moment, 5 red and white murals can be found along the route. In September, another 5 ceramic works of art will be added. Put together, the 10 pieces of this giant puzzle will form the map of Rout Lëns.

The complete work of art will be on show in the future Rout Lëns neighbourhood.

So? Will you be able to find Sophie?

That’s it! Our ambassador Sophie is hiding somewhere in Esch-sur-Alzette!

It’s up to you to play with Rout to find her.

We can’t wait to see your photos on Instagram!

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